#25 The Service Knowledge Gap: Why it Matters and How to Close it

by Todd Stewart


We’re thrilled today to welcome Tauris McBride, the CEO and Founder of HVAC Tutor – a modern way of training HVAC contractors about new practices, policies, and methods.

HVAC Tutor – which you can find at – specializes in New York City Refrigeration License Exam Preparation, and New York City refrigeration operating engineer courses that go into heat, pressure, evaporators, compressors, and many other important areas in HVAC. The course is broken up into 3 sections, ending with a written and practical test prep at the end and Tauris has taught hundreds of HVAC professionals all the way from Fortune 500 companies to individual technicians – Tauris Mcbride, how are you doing?

In today’s episode, Dispatch CEO, Avi Goldberg sits down with Tauris and talks about one of the biggest concerns in today’s service industry – the ever-expanding knowledge gap.

In our conversation, we cover:


  • ● What is the knowledge gap?
  • ● Why does the knowledge gap matter?
  • ● Why is the knowledge gap growing in size?
  • ● What will help close the knowledge gap?
  • ● How will real-world education help close the knowledge gap?
  • ● How will technology help close the knowledge gap?


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