Smarter Dealer Analytics

Stop Throwing Marketing Dollars
Down the Drain

Know for certain how and why a lead is converting within your dealer network.

Actionable Insights

Our dashboards aggregate information about your dealer network, allowing you to visualize data from the last mile of service, such as compliance rates, time-to-schedule, status updates, length of service, on-time measurement, status updates, and customer satisfaction scores. Actionable data about specific interactions, experiences, and technicians will be right at your fingertips.

5-Star Customer Experiences

Today, consumers expect service communications to be real-time, transparent and simple. With automated appointment reminders, live technician ETAs, two-way texting, online payments, and immediate requests to rate the experience, Dispatch will help you provide higher levels of customer satisfaction than ever before.

Lead Life-Cycle Analytics

By understanding how each lead converts through the service lifecycle, you'll be able to optimize your marketing funnel and track where your marketing dollars are working and where there’s room for improvement.

See how Dispatch can improve
your service experience.