Dispatch Insights: Converting Insight Into Action

by Todd Stewart



Dispatch Insights

With Dispatch Insights, every interaction in your service network is transformed into data and placed at your fingertips, so you can convert insight into action.

Knowledge, at a glance

With best-practice dashboards and KPIs, consuming data is as easy for the executive as it is for the data analyst. Monitor customer satisfaction in real-time and find leading indicators of the metrics that impact your top and bottom line.

Ensure brand consistency

Set your own performance thresholds, and configure your own alerts and email notifications when they are not met. You’ll stay far ahead of any issues, and quickly identify who is succeeding, and who needs help.

Insights, in action

Use our unified analytics and management platform to put insights into action. Get instant alerts of poor reviews so you can react immediately to support struggling service providers and address customer concerns as soon as they arise.


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