Operate as a
World-Class Franchise

Exceed Customer Expectations

How Dispatch helps franchise networks exceed their customer’s expectations

Complete Franchise Visibility

Gain visibility into your entire service provider network by measuring your average close rate, length of service, on-time rate, communication touchpoints, status updates, survey response rates, customer satisfaction scores. Equipped with this actionable data, you’ll take the guesswork out of process optimization, allowing you to focus on what grows your business.

5-Star Customer Experiences

Provide exceptional customer experiences with bi-directional messaging, on-my-way tracking, instant customer reviews, digital invoices, and simple payments from the field. Easily offer a universal experience irrespective of the service provider that does the work.

Network Onboarding

Dispatch has a dedicated customer support team to help you grow your business and ensure your network of service providers is successfully representing your brand. From simple how-to sessions, feature training, and in-depth industry best practices, our team is here to maximize your business potential.

Ashley Ward, Director of Franchise Technology, ServiceMaster

"Dispatch has automated many of the manual processes the office staff was doing daily. Customers love the appointment reminders and the on my way notifications. Our franchisees love it because they can receive instant feedback and address issues almost immediately. Team members love the GPS feature. Overall, Dispatch has proven to be a great addition to the service offerings Merry Maids provides the customer."

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