Hybrid Workforces

Our flexible platform works for both dedicated and non-dedicated workforces

Meet Our Flexible Platform

Having a hybrid workforce requires a platform that can work for all types of service in your demand cycle.

Single Management Interface

Manage your internal and external resources with one interface. No more "swivel-chair", switching between different platforms and web-portals. All of your jobs and all your technicians (whether W2 or subcontractors) are now managed in one simple place.

5-Star Customer Experiences

Provide exceptional customer experiences with bi-directional messaging, on-my-way tracking, instant customer reviews, digital invoices, and simple payments from the field. Easily offer a universal experience irrespective of the service provider that does the work.

Actionable Insights

Dispatch unifies your W2 and 3rd-party data from the last mile of service, including compliance rate, time-to-schedule, length of service, on-time measurement, status updates, survey response rates, and customer satisfaction scores. Equipped with this actionable data, you’ll take the guesswork out of process optimization, allowing you to focus on what grows your business.

See how Dispatch can improve
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