Modern Last-Mile Customer Experience

The Dispatch Last-Mile Customer Experience (CX) will keep your customers in the loop
and provide them with an in-home service experience they’ll love, all while giving you
greater visibility into your last-mile.

Modern Digital Experiences

Customers expect more transparency, more interactivity, and individually tailored digital experiences. Brands using Dispatch can offer memorable customer experiences.

Customer Communications

Effortlessly keep your customers in the loop with appointment reminders, status updates, On My Way notifications, feedback survey links, and a web-based customer portal where they can track every piece of information about their job, reducing no-shows by 86%.

Memorable Experiences

On average, Dispatch clients see a 35% increase in NPS because they offer digital customer experiences. Any business with a field workforce can quickly layer Dispatch’s Last-Mile CX over their existing technology to start using it right away.

5-Star Experiences

Dispatch clients collect more positive online reviews and because of triggered alerts, have the ability to instantly triage negative customer experiences. On average, Dispatch users who resolve poor customer experiences with our notification system see a 6.6% reduction in churn.

See how Dispatch can improve
your service experience.