Why Status Updates and Actions Could Save Your Job

by Todd Stewart

Dispatch Insights

Overview: Have you (or your employees) ever been delayed getting to a job on time? On the other side of the spectrum, have you (or your employees) ever showed up to a job where the customer canceled at the last minute and was already gone by the time you showed up leaving you confused and having wasted valuable time in which you could have been at another job? Both scenarios are frustrating and cost you time and money.

Benefits: The pros of being able to update and track job statuses are clear in terms of customer service, but the cons that service companies often forget by not having these capabilities often lead to a negative impact on revenue. In the services industry, the way to grow revenue is by generating appointments and building a loyal customer base that comes back to you over time. Appointment cancellations, no-shows, and disgruntled customers are the main reasons for lost revenue.

Service professionals – If you’re going to be late to your next appointment, it’s ok. Really, it is. What customers are looking for is clarity. They need to know what is going on and when / what to expect so that they can plan their lives accordingly. In addition, jobs change and so do their statuses. Being able to record, track and update job statuses as a service professional benefits you, your company, and your customers.

Customers – As a customer, people need to be able to track their own job statuses from start to finish in a place other than an email chain. They need to be able to see in real-time where their service professional is when they can expect them and if there are any changes to the arranged schedule.

Takeaways: Job status updates benefit both professionals and customers. Both sides should be able to make changes, monitor and track history all from the convenience of a simple app. The benefits here directly impact revenue by improving communication between the two parties involved. Interested? To learn more, visit Dispatch and/or book a time for us to chat about how your business can benefit from job status updates.‍

To learn more about how you can meet customer expectations, download our white paper on Satisfying the Modern-Day Customer.

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