How well are your independent contractors representing your brand?

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Connect Wintac with Dispatch and get jobs from the brands you love, automatically send status updates back, receive real-time reviews from your customers and much more.

Power Modern Customer Experiences

Through a world-class mobile and desktop app, the Dispatch platform collects valuable data and provides important contractor performance data about your 3rd-party contractors. This data can optimize your service logistics, reduce churn, increase top line revenue, and offer an unparalleled and reliable customer experience that drives customer lifetime value.  


Increase jobs

Get more jobs from the brands you love. Simply sign up and start connecting.

Simplify your life. Dispatch will immediately send status updates back.

Automatic Statuses

Get real-time reviews from your customers and see them in Wintac.

Real-time reviews

Get your very own booking page to funnel leads from your website into Wintac.

Free booking page

“Dispatch saves us three hours a day because we don’t have to report the statuses like we did on our old system.”

“Dispatch helped us double our business. We’re able to do things faster, bill calls out faster, make the money faster.”

Lauren Drown
Southern Comfort HVAC

Richard Flournoy
A-Total Plumbing